How to learn ocean swimming in Australia?

What is ocean swimming?

As we know swimming is the life time sport that benefits the whole body of a person. Some people prefer to swim in an ocean rather than in a pool. We can say that it is an art or in many countries like Australia, New Zealand ocean swimming is a sport and the part of Olympics games. Ocean swim can improve your health and mood, increase your immune system, improve blood circulation system and hydrate your skin. Some fears are related to the ocean swimming is real and natural. These are generally called aqua phobia. So, before swimming in the ocean you must build confidence and learn how to swim in open water.


Now let us discuss some tips that how we learn ocean swimming in Australia; it is not surprising that ocean swimming is the most popular form of open water Swimming Coaches in Sydney, Australia as every year about 4000 people dive into the sea and swim 1.2 kilometer course of the Lorne pier to pub that is conducted in the month of February and the other one is Rottnest channel swim that involves 19.7 kilometers crossing from Cottles loe beach. These two are the largest open water swim in the world.The Cole classic swim in Sydney is one of the largest swim in Australia and thousands of people take part in this event.

Some Tips to learn ocean swimming:

  1. Look down and swim straight: it is a focal point when you swim. During freestyle of swimming, required the best body alignment from the top of your head to toes. Think a long, swim tall with good postures. If you swim straight line you will become an efficient swimmer. While swim straight you need systematical stroke and it may more systematical if you use bilateral breathing.
  2. Kick more or kick less:two ways involve kicking while you swim in the ocean. First, If you kick a lot then try kicking less forcefully with less effort and putt more emphasis on shoulders and hips rotation and use your feet like a fish tail. Second, if you don’t kick much, try to kicking more sometimes that is good for you.
  3. Try different breathing patterns:the most important aspect of ocean swimming is the right way of breathing that is simple and pure. If your breathing technique is not efficient then you will be struggle in the ocean. Anxiety is a factor that normally caused extrinsic factors in watery environment around you. When you hold your breath immediately that increase the level of anxiety and the result will be that you may out of control or even feel a sense of panic. So to avoid this you may focus on the intrinsic factors and being a selfish swimmer always remember one thing that ‘you can control’, block out everything happening around you and just focus on you and your body. In a panic situation, take easy breaths, recomposes oneself and start swimming again.
  4. Art of sighting: lifting your eyes out of the water to see where are you going and it is also important to navigate correctly. It needs great deals of skills and techniques to do it well.
  5. Drafting: in ocean swimming you will save 40% of your energy by drafting. In drafting, the best way to find a swimmer that is faster than you and set the position directly behind him. You will have swimming faster and using less energy.
  6. Watch your time: at the end carefully examine your time and do not go out longer than you planned.